JPad 3.6

Java editor for Palm OS

JPad is a full featured Java(tm) editor for building simple Java applications and applets.

JPad can be used to write, compile, run and test programs, locate syntax errors in your code, switch between JDK tools and write your own custom code in JavaScript.

Its features include:

  • support for Sun's JDK Java tools
  • custom template for creating new Java files
  • custom menus, toolbars, hotkeys, and bookmarks
  • syntax coloring for Java keywords
  • java reformat source command
  • block indent and unindent
  • multilevel undo/redo
  • search and replace
  • multifile search
  • split windows
  • line and column number indicator
  • line numbers in the edit view
  • custom scripting using JavaScript

A comprehensive tool for creating your own applications.

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JPad 3.6